1) What is the Neythri Futures Fund I?

The Neythri Futures Fund I is a historic-first venture fund that positions South Asian women front and center as key investors and stakeholders in the fund. The fund invests in the next generation of female founders and diverse teams building innovative tech-enabled solutions for the global market. 

2) Who can invest in the Neythri Futures Fund I?

Accredited investors are eligible to invest in the fund. 

In order to participate in the private equity markets, individuals are required to meet the definition of an “accredited investor.” This definition was traditionally based on an individual’s level of income or overall net worth. Specifically, an individual must have a net worth of at least $1 million (excluding the value of a primary residence) or annual income of at least $200,000 for the last two years (or $300,000 combined for married couples) to be considered an accredited investor.

For additional details visit https://www.sec.gov

3) I am a first time investor. Can this still work for me?

Yes! The Neythri Futures Fund I is designed for both,  those new to investing and well as those with deep investing experience. Through a series of educational events, the fund will offer various learning opportunities for our LPs to understand the various components of early-stage investing. 

4) I am interested in investing in the Neythri Futures Fund I. How do I go about it?

5) What is the total fund size you are raising?

The Neythri Futures Fund I is looking to raise up to a $10M fund. The SEC regulations allow for up to 249 investors in a fund under $10M. We are taking advantage of this fund structure for the Neythri Futures Fund I.

6) What is the expected life of the Neythri Futures Fund I fund? 

We expect the life of the fund to be approximately 10 years (this can vary based on company exits).

7) What is the fee structure of the Neythri Futures Fund I fund? 

It is the typical venture fund structure of a 2% management fee and 20% incentive fee. We charge an annual 2% management fee (for 10 years) to pay for operating expenses only. We take a 20% performance fee once the fund is returned to investors.

8) Can men invest in the funds?

Absolutely. While Neythri Futures Fund I is designed to appeal primarily to South Asian female investors, we’re inclusive to all and welcome male allies and non-South Asian women in our funds.

9) How do I refer an investment deal to Neythri Futures Fund I?

We value referrals from our network. Please do not hesitate to send deals our way. You can reach us at info@neythrifuturesfund.com.

10) How many companies does Neythri Futures Fund I plan to invest in?

We plan to invest in 20-25 companies.

11) What is the typical check size Neythri Futures Fund I will write?

Our check size ranges from $50K - $500K 

12) What are the types of companies Neythri Futures Fund I will invest in?

We plan to invest in US based companies that are focused on building tech/tech-enabled solutions.

13) At which stage does Neythri Futures Fund I invest?

We are stage agnostic. We will invest in late-seed stage through pre-IPO companies.

14) Does NFF invest exclusively in South Asian female founded companies?

No. We invest in companies with at least one woman in a decision making role in the company - as a founder, on the management team or on on the board (if later stage company).

15) Any additional questions?