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Investing in the next generation of female founders and diverse teams that are building innovative tech-enabled solutions for the global market


Our Manifesto

The Neythri Futures Fund invests in female founders and diverse founding teams building innovative tech-enabled solutions for the global market. South Asian women are the key investors and  stakeholders of the fund. While distinct from, The Neythri Futures Fund taps into the talented and growing base of South Asian female leaders represented in the Neythri community.

The Neythri Futures Fund offers South Asian women the opportunity to expand their knowledge base, amplify their influence, and strengthen their financial position by entering and participating in the investment arena. We have a compelling opportunity to do all of this while advancing the representation of both South Asian women investors and diverse teams of entrepreneurs. With a breadth of backgrounds and experiences, we are a group of successful South Asian leaders Invested. Together.

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Leveraging our biggest asset - The Neythri Community of South Asian professional women

1800+ members and growing

The Neythri Futures Fund is a sister organization to, a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to foster, engage and advance a global community of South Asian professional women.

Fund Thesis

We plan to invest in the next generation of female founders including South Asian female founders and other underrepresented diverse founding teams that are building innovative tech-enabled solutions for the global market.

  • Tech & tech-enabled companies

  • Founding/management team with execution record

  • Strong lead investor in place

  • Stage agnostic

  • 15 - 20 investments

  • Large TAM (>$1B)

  • US-based companies

  • Does not require FDA or Government approval

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Silvia Ahmed
VP of Engineering, Veritas


When we educate, engage and support women to their fullest potential, we unleash not just their individual potential, but also that of their families, communities and businesses.


Padma Subramanian

I am an entrepreneur myself and have had to face innumerable challenges as a South Asian woman trying to access funds to run a profitable business. I want to be there for other women in a similar situation.


Navin Chaddha
Managing Partner, Mayfield Fund

I am an entrepreneur's champion and excited to foster the next generation of South Asian women leaders.


The Neythri Futures Fund team is led by complimentary partners with over 40 years of collective experience in leadership, financial, and investment expertise.


Women leaders from the Neythri Community who are operators, founders, and investors with a wide range of industry and functional expertise.


We plan to invest in diverse founders, including South Asian female founders, women of color, immigrant founders etc. building tech-enabled, venture scale companies.

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